Good morning, writers!

The Cóyotl Awards website has been up for roughly three weeks, and I wanted to bring some statistics to you to show you the progress you’ve all made.

So far, we’ve had thirty-two nominations from five members, which isn’t bad for our first pass, but we could definitely do with more. Remember, this is your opportunity to tell us what you liked from 2011 and who you think is raising the bar on anthropomorphic literature. This process runs on participation from everyone in the Guild. We need your support!

Out of those thirty-two nominations, we’ve had twenty-five works nominated across all six possible categories, so we’re definitely seeing both a broad fanbase from which to work and the start of some commonly-read tales. One work’s been nominated three times, and five have two nominations each. Those twenty-five works come from eleven different publishers, including two self-published works, several different small-press outlets both inside and outside the fandom, one mainstream publisher, and a podcast! I love the diversity of sources we’re seeing here!

Here’s to hoping that we’ll be seeing more from the rest of you in the coming weeks! Remember you have until April 15th to make your nominations!


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