The Cóyotl Awards are back with a few changes.  The rules have been streamlined to increase the awards’ sustainability.  There are no longer separate categories for general and mature works, and the nomination process is much simpler.  Also, a category has been added for Best Anthology in order to reflect the high number of quality anthologies in the furry fandom.

A final ballot for the 2012 awards has been composed from the nominations collected last year.  Voting will be open on the 2012 final ballot until Friday, August 8th.  Nominations for the 2013 awards will be open during the same period of time.

Please, take the time to vote on the best furry fiction from 2012 and to nominate the best works from 2013.  Participation in last year’s nominations was quite low — 26 nominations from six different members.  This means that a single vote or nomination can make a huge difference.

Make your opinion on furry fiction heard.  This is our chance, as writers, to speak out about what makes for great writing.


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