The sixth annual Cóyotl Awards was held this Saturday evening at Furlandia in Portland, Oregon.  Attendance was easily triple last year’s ceremony, and the event was also enjoyed by members watching it live-streamed over the internet.  You can watch the video yourself here:

The evening opened with our Mooster-of-Ceremonies, Daniel Lowd, donning flannel and taking up a guitar to sing about our host town in “The Dream of the Furries is Alive in Portland.”  Then, he announced the awards, saying a little bit about every nominated piece.  Obviously, we’re here to celebrate the winners, but every work that’s nominated for the Cóyotls was held in high regard by members of the furry writing community.  It’s worth taking a moment to acknowledge each and every one of them.

This year, none of the recipients of the awards were able to make it in person; however, FuzzWolf the publisher of Gods With Fur was there to accept Fred Patten’s award on his behalf.

Without further ado, here are the results of this year’s Cóyotl Awards.  The winners are listed first and in bold.

Best Novel

  • The Digital Coyote by Kris Schnee
  • Black Angel by Kyell Gold
  • Dog Country by Malcolm F. Cross
  • Flower’s Curse by Madison Keller
  • Memoirs of a Polar Bear by Yoko Tawada

Best Novella

  • The Goat by Bill Kieffer
  • Culdesac by Robert Repino
  • The Time He Desires by Kyell Gold

Best Short Story

  • 400 Rabbits by Alice “Huskyteer” Dryden
  • A Gentleman of Strength by Dwale
  • Old-Dry-Snakeskin by Ross Whitlock
  • The Torch by Chris “Sparf” Williams

Best Anthology

  • Gods with Fur edited by Fred Patten
  • Claw the Way to Victory edited by AnthroAquatic
  • Hot Dish #2 edited by Dark End

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