Hello, furry writers! We’re at two-and-a-half weeks left in the nomination cycle, so if you haven’t already taken the time to make your opinions known about what’s good in furry literature, please take the time to let us know!

Meanwhile, here’s a quick summary of the 2012 Council, the folks who’ve graciously volunteered their time to help make the Cóyotl Awards a reality!

Phil Geusz
Phil Geusz sold his first furry story in 1999. Since then he’s been published by more presses—both furry and mainstream—than are easily listed here. Currently he has eleven books on the market, with almost as many more sold and “in the pipeline.”

In real life, Phil is a Tennessee autoworker.

Frank LeRenard
Frank got shifted around the American west and southwest for most of his life, until he, through sheer force of money and applications to graduate schools, shoved himself into a little apartment in Cleveland, OH, where he studies galactic astronomy. His first published story happened during undergraduate school, a simple story about a coyote that blows up a factory that he decided on a whim to send to the university’s literary magazine, Laurus, and since then he’s had two more short stories published in different venues. When he isn’t messing around with SuperMongo code or doing statistical mechanics homework, he’s working on finishing up a novel that’s been in the works in many different forms since high school, or he’s happily modding away and handing out free advice as the Writers’ Bloc guru over at FurAffinity Forums.
Sparf wears many hats, both in and outside the fandom. He is an actor by training and profession. He is a writer of short stories (and novels that do not see the light of day). He has had several pieces published in fandom circles, including the Furnal Equinox 2011 convention book and in the anthology Will of the Alpha from FurPlanet.
Kristina Tracer
Multicontextual, polycontinuous, and transmaterial, th’ buni is a small white rabbit that dreams of being a writer that dreams of being a transcendent postlapine that dreams of being an alchemical automaton that dreams of being a small white rabbit. The author of four novels and a multitude of short stories, Kristy wrote her first novella at eage eight and hasn’t figured out how to stop talking since. In addition to her personal creative work, she also ran the writing track at Anthrocon for a number of years. She currently lives in the Pacific Northwest with her family.
Gene Wolf
Gene is a retired IT professional with over 30 years in the IT field. He has a Masters in Computer Information Systems, has hosted an 8 year call in tech radio show in the large market of Syracuse, New York and wrote a tech column for a large daily Syracuse newspaper. Currently Gene has almost a dozen titles successfully selling on Amazon and some of his stories can be heard on Anthrodreams. Gene concentrates on short stories and novellas. His works run the gamut from dark to comic. His stories been highly rated by the folks at the Ebook Apothecary and Amazon.

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