Hey, writers! How goes the work?

With two weeks left in this year’s nomination window, I’d like to take a minute and review some statistics. There’s a wealth of information here if you know how to parse the data. Remember, none of this is to be taken as “try to change the numbers.” This is descriptive, not prescriptive!

First up, quality. On the whole, we seem to think we’re doing pretty well, but we know we’ve got some room for improvement! In all categories, we’re sitting at just over a four average. At 4.14, we’re slightly more confident in our character-writing skills than we are in either plot or setting, both weighing in at 4.07. Literary merit, interestingly, lags behind the pack at 4.02. So, if there’s a place we think we need to focus, it’d be on giving depth and weight to our work.

Next, rating. This one’s full of surprises! Of the forty-four nominations we’ve received, a full seventy-two percent of them have been for general-audience works! We hear a lot of talk in the fandom about how it’s mostly about the sex. Yet, given the chance to talk about where we find our quality, we mostly talk about the general-audience material. That, however, is not to say that we don’t enjoy our adult content; a full dozen nominations were for mature works. Even more interesting, though, is that we seem to like our adult content better; the average nomination score for mature works is a full three-tenths of a point higher than the general-audience score. That rises to a four-tenths if we only look at the literary merit component!

Finally, length. All jokes aside, we seem to prefer them shorter; over half the nominations were for stories under ten-thousand words. Interestingly, though, novels come in second, with a quarter of nominations. I suspect it’s because there aren’t many novellas in the fandom; we’re either writing for anthologies or we’re laying down epics! Interestingly, again, though we don’t seem to read them as much, we seem to like them more; novels come in a full tenth of a point ahead of short stories in nomination scores.

Remember that you’ve still got two weeks left to nominate for the 2012 cycle! If you haven’t put in your contributions, now’s the time! Thanks again to all of you who’ve already submitted nominations; it’s your work that makes this possible!


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