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The nominations have been reviewed, the council has made their evaluations, and the scores have been tallied. It is my great pleasure to present for you the Final Ballot for the 2012 Cóyotl Awards! All awards are presented in alphabetical order. We did have a two-way tie for fourth place in General Short Story, so we had five finalists in that category this year.

General Short Story
  • Al Coda, by Marcus Reeve (FurPlanet)
  • Battle of the Bee Tree, by Phil Geusz (ANTHRO)
  • The Canoe Race, by Daniel and Mary Lowd (FurPlanet)
  • Dragonman and Lonesome Woman, by Vixxy Fox (Self-Published)
  • Unfit, by Kandrel (FurPlanet)
Mature Short Story
  • Best of Breed, by Renee Carter Hall (Pink Fox Publications)
  • Impossible Things, by Tristan Black Wolf (Misanthrope Press)
  • Fox News, by Rahne Kallon (Self-Published)
  • A Night in the Life, by Seth Drake (Misanthrope Press)
General Novella
  • Blackbird Singing in the Dead of Night, by John “The Gneech” Robey (FurPlanet)
  • Real Dragons Don’t Wear Sweaters, by Renee Carter Hall (Self-Published)
Mature Novella
  • Science Friction, by Kyell Gold (FurPlanet)
General Novel
  • Inchoate Carillon, Inconstant Cucold, by Charles Matthias (Self-Published)
  • Red Sails in the Fallout, by Paul Kidd (Wizards of the Coast)
Mature Novel
  • No Victory Won, by Phil Geusz (Melange)
  • Resisting Arrest, by Phil Geusz (FurPlanet)
  • Sixes Wild: Manifest Destiny, by Tempe O’Kun (Sofawolf)
  • Smiley and the Hero, by Ryan Campbell (FurPlanet)

Final voting will be available through the Cóyotl Awards website on June 1. Congratulations to all our finalists!


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