Hello, furry writers! If you published something in 2012, first of all, congratulations to you. Nothing says success like seeing your own work in print, whether that be digital or dead-tree edition. Take pride in your success, and take a moment to reply here with what you published. Please include the following information so that your fellow writers can find what you’ve done and give it a read!

  • The name of your work
  • The publisher of your work
  • A permanent link to its location online where it’s available
  • The maturity and length rating you think it deserves according to the Cóyotl Awards’ categories
  • A brief synopsis of your work to entice readers to check it out!

We look forward to hearing from all of you to share in your successes! Well done, and good fortune to you all!


13 Responses to List your 2013 Eligible Works here!

  1. Here’s a rundown of my eligible works this time around…

    By Sword and Star
    Publisher: Anthropomorphic Dreams Publishing
    Length: Novel
    Rating: Open to interpretation. (Personally, I’d
    put it in General, but that depends on how kid-friendly
    the “General” category is supposed to be.)
    Blurb: Prince Tiran of Silverglen may be heir to
    the throne of all Asteria, but he’s always felt more at
    home among the villagers, no matter how many lectures he
    gets from his father. But when the elk-lord Roden
    slaughters the royal family and claims the throne for
    himself, only Tiran is left to avenge their deaths and
    take his place as the rightful king. His journey will lead him from the shadowed heart of his forest home into the treetops with the squirrel-clan of the Drays, across the western plains, and among the mysterious and deadly wolves of the Northern Reach. With his allies’ help, Tiran must become the king his people need him to be – or risk fulfilling an ancient prophecy that will spell the end of Asteria itself.

    (I’m offering free electronic copies of BS&S to FWG members; please use this form and be sure to include “Coyotls”
    somewhere, along with your name as it appears on the
    member list.)

    “The Bear with the Quantum Heart”
    Publisher: Strange Horizons
    Length: Short story
    Rating: Again, depends on where the line’s drawn between General and Mature. It’s not erotica, but it’s not appropriate for children, either.
    Blurb: A sophisticated toy develops a much closer
    relationship with its owner than either of them
    expected–but is love truly enough to make you real?

    Publisher: Daily Science Fiction
    Length: Short story
    Rating: General
    Blurb: Flash fiction in a postapocalyptic setting, featuring an engineered crow.

    “The Gingerbread Reindeer”
    Publisher: Anthro Dreams podcast
    Link to audio | Link to

    Length: Short story
    Rating: General
    Blurb: When Santa finds himself one reindeer short for the Christmas run, the frost-elf Boreas enchants a replacement. But there’s more than elf-magic being worked, and when an ancient foe threatens them all, the gingerbread reindeer finds he’s made of more than just flour and sugar.

    *crosses fingers that all the links work*

  2. Mary E. Lowd says:

    Otters In Space
    Category: General Novel
    Publisher: FurPlanet
    Link: I’m happy to set up FWG members with free e-copies — send me a message to ask for the coupon code.
    Description: Humans have left the Earth, and dogs rule. Kipper is an oppressed tabby-cat who dreams of a better place, where cats run their own lives. When she discovers a secret that sends her out of this world, Kipper must navigate through the mysterious otter space station and befriend a spaceship full of eccentric otters to find out: is there really a cat paradise?

    “St. Kalwain and the Lady Uta”
    Category: General Short Story
    Publisher: FurPlanet
    Link: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/296457
    Description: A man cursed by the faerie queen must slay a dragon to earn his freedom.

    “One Night in Nocturnia”
    Category: General Short Story
    Publisher: FurPlanet
    Link: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/296457
    Description: A mad mouse scientist uncovers truths that he should never know.

    “Magtwilla and the Mouse”
    Category: General Short Story
    Publisher: Allasso
    Link: http://pinkfoxpublications.net/magtwilla-and-the-mouse/
    Description: A pregnant cat makes a fateful choice to protect her kittens.

    “Shreddy and the Christmas Ghost”
    Category: General Short Story
    Publisher: Anthropomorphic Dreams
    Link: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/296457
    Description: An angry cat faces the true spirit of Christmas — a rodential poltergeist.

    “Hot Chocolate for the Unicorn”
    Category: General Short Story
    Publisher: Untied Shoelaces of the Mind
    Link: http://www.untiedshoelacesofthemind.com/Issue6/unicorn.php
    Description: The Dragon and Unicorn come calling.

    “The Most Complicated Avatar”
    Category: General Short Story
    Publisher: Daily Science Fiction
    Link: http://dailysciencefiction.com/science-fiction/virtual-reality/mary-e-lowd/the-most-complicated-avatar
    Description: A woman can’t find her 10-year-old daughter in real life… But, maybe, she can find her online.

    “One Sheep”
    Category: General Short Story
    Publisher: Allasso
    Link: http://pinkfoxpublications.net/one-sheep/
    Description: There are many paths that a sheep living on a farm may take in life.

  3. Huskyteer says:

    My offerings:

    Tiger Light in Allasso
    Magnificent Dogs in ROAR
    Bad Timing in Heat [adult]

  4. Altivo Overo says:

    One eligible story, on paper and electronic:

    “Beyond Mundane Horizons”
    in Allasso vol.2
    online at
    Pink Fox Publications

  5. Whyte Yoté says:

    For what it’s worth, here’s my hat into the ring.

    [i]For Old Times’ Sake[/i], from FANG Vol. 4
    [b]Publisher:[/b] Furplanet
    [b]Rating:[/b] Adult
    [b]Synopsis:[/b] A wolf on a break from his family at the local bar gets a surprise in the form of an old flame from his college days. Problem is, the old flame is male. Problem continues, the wolf hasn’t ever stopped loving him.

    [i]The Leather’s Always Blacker[/i], from Will of the Alpha
    [b]Publisher:[/b] Furplanet
    [b]Rating:[/b] Adult
    [b]Synopsis:[/b] The BDSM scene runs the gamut from hobbyists to serious lifestylers whose existences owe themselves to the worship of roles and gear. A buck who thinks he’s one of the latter finally gets a chance to meet his online “master,” and finds himself in too deep, realizing dedication means very different things to different people…and pets.

    [i]Best Interests[/i], from ROAR Vol. 4
    [b]Publisher:[/b] Furplanet
    [b]Rating:[/b] General
    [b]Synopsis:[/b] Fame and celebrity can mean anything from being popufur to the President. David Kibber has just achieved the latter. But he’s got a few strikes against him: he’s single, not too bad. He’s a lion, which humans have pretty much gotten used to or they wouldn’t have elected him. Oh, yes, and he’s gay, which they don’t know. And they especially don’t know about his secret boyfriend, who David had to dump for the good of the campaign. But, as election night winds down and he prepares his victory speech, has he made the right decision? Or will the boyfriend pull a stunt they both regret?

    [i]Two Minutes[/i], from Heat #9
    [b]Publisher:[/b] Sofawolf
    [b]Rating:[/b] Adult
    [b]Synopsis:[/b] Donkeys aren’t supposed to run in the Kentucky Derby. But Cyrus’s brother Ken has made the cut, and he’s up out of state to run against the thoroughbreds. Though this story isn’t about Ken. It depicts a unique moment in time and place, a period of transition for a young male donkey preparing to leave his family’s southern plantation to head off to law school. But first, he has one last fling with the family’s cook and caretaker, an older male alligator who has helped usher him into manhood and who encourages him to follow his heart even when it means breaking societal taboos. Set against the backdrop of the radio broadcast of the race, it reveals characters through absence and hopefully entertains to boot.


    There you go. If the formatting doesn’t take, I’m sorry; I suck at coding these windows. Good luck to all!

  6. Tristan Black Wolf says:

    The Man With Two Shadows
    Publisher: AuthorHouse
    Rating: General (novel)
    Cover Blurb: Have you ever felt uncomfortable in your own skin? Maybe there’s a reason…

    Jeremiah Pym is a private detective – not the flashy gun-toting gumshoe of old, but a quiet, respectable shamus of modern day who earns a modest living on domestic intrigues and background checks. After being hired for what should be a routine surveillance job, Jeremiah witnesses a kidnapping, barely escaping with his life. The next day, however, not a trace remains of any kidnapping… or anything else that he saw.
    Trying to put the puzzle pieces together leads the detective on a convoluted chase that brings into question everything that he’s ever known about himself. With the help of his Native American mentor, Edgard Moon Bear, Jeremiah discovers that the key to the mystery may be found in another world – a world where therianthropes (human/animal hybrids) are the sentient beings, and where hundreds of years of slow change has allowed some of these beings to wield magical powers.
    As Jeremiah learns the secrets of his own past, he comes to learn who and what he is… and why his existence is central to the continued survival of two worlds.

    (For Guild members wishing to review the novel, I can provide a PDF of the final galley proof.)

    No More Monday Memos, in Allasso 2:Saudade
    Publisher: Pink Fox Publications (http://pinkfoxpublications.net/no-more-monday-memos/)
    Rating: General
    Synopsis: Darius, a human male, picks up a young arctic fox, Angelo, who is hitchhiking west. In a world still undecided about the presence of therians, even sharing a meal in a restaurant could be an act of courage. Human and fox forge a relationship by daring not to hide.

  7. Seth Drake says:

    Publisher: Rocket City Fur Meet, 2012
    Rating: PG-13
    Length: Short story; about 2,700 words
    Korestai Järvinen, the handsome, elegant socialite dragon of 1930s New Sarum and his lover Sinclair get dressed to go to an elegant affair, and a secret about the dragon’s past is revealed.

    Publisher: FurIdaho, 2012
    Rating: PG-13
    Length: Short story; about 2,700 words
    Two furs from very different backgrounds meet at an RAF dance and find they have more in common than either might think. Is this first meeting going to be the start of a beautiful relationship?

  8. Kandrel says:

    “Better” from Heat #9
    Category: Short Story
    Rating: Adult
    Publisher: Sofawolf
    Synopsis: A lonely coyote living on a war-torn province world finally gets the chance to meet her would-be lover, and finds out he’s not exactly what she’d expected.

    “Savage Toys” from Will of the Alpha
    Category: Short Story
    Rating: Adult
    Publisher: Furplanet
    Synopsis: The fox attendant of the dragon Sir Humphrey enamors his master on the strange customs of distant savages, and in doing so enters into the most dangerous game he’s played yet–that of master to a dragon.

  9. Ianus J. Wolf says:

    I’ll toss my one in.

    “The New Toy” from Will of the Alpha
    Category: Short Story
    Rating: Adult
    Publisher: Furplanet
    Synopsis: Simon is a submissive cougar who’s worried that he’s striking out again on the BDSM night at an adult club. When a dom female rabbit approaches and asks him a few questions, it leads to a wild night of wonderful new experiences with her and her stallion husband.

  10. Fred Patten says:

    I have had a book published, but it is not eligible for the Cóyotl Award because it is an anthology and I am the editor, not the author; although I have written an Introduction to the book and individual Introductions to each story. “Second” by M. C. A. Hogarth was first published in 2010; the others are original in this book, published in July 2013.

    Title: What Happens Next; An Anthology of Sequels

    Publisher: FurPlanet Productions

    Length: 424 pages

    Rating: I would say G, but FurPlanet lists it as R. There is nothing in it stronger than in the s-f anthologies that were in my junior high school library.

    Blurb: ““… and they lived happily ever after. The End.”
Do they really? The best stories always leave you wanting more. What
 happens to the charismatic characters next? It is hard to believe, after all the adventures they have gone through, that life will be trouble-free for them forever after. Even if they do live happily ever after, what are the details?

 What Happens Next is a collection of 11 stories which follow up and expand on the worlds created in previous stories. Listed here are the story name, author and the story universe the tale takes place in:

 Second by M.C.A. Hogarth; Alysha Forrest. 
Festival of Vampires by Brock Hoagland; Perissa and Maelith. 
False Doctrine by Kevin Frane; Iolite League. 
Reflections of Things to Come by Kristin Fontaine; Tales of the Tai-Pan. 
Immolation by Michael H. Payne; Cluny and Crocker. 
Pick-up at the Hanging Drop by Jenner; Dr. Benjamin Rat. 
Blackest Before the Dawn by Elizabeth McCoy; Kintarans. 
The Magi Decree by Chuck Melville; Felicia, the Vixen Sorceress. 
Game of Fox and Rabbit by Ken Pick; Brigit Bunny on the planet of the Thalendri.
 Sibling Rivalry by Kyell Gold; Argaea. 
The Monkeytown Raid by Roz Gibson; Jack Salem.

    Link: http://furplanet.com/shop/item.aspx?itemid=664

  11. Fred Patten says:

    Oops! I goofed! You want works published during 2012. Well, I had two books published during 2012, but they are still not eligible for a Cóyotl Award because they are anthologies and I am the editor, not the author. Both were published in June 2012.

    Title: Already Among Us; An Anthropomorphic Anthology

    Publisher: Legion Publishing

    Length: ix + 389 pages

    Rating: G

    Blurb: A collection of 14 stories from the 1940′s to the present by such masters of science fiction as Fredric Brown, John Christopher, Poul Anderson, Gordon R. Dickson, and Paul Di Filippo, as well as others. These tales explore the evolution of sentient animal characters in modern fiction through comedy, drama, and suspenseful tales. Here you will find talking cats, elephants, mice, and wolves; experimental subjects, and twisted fairy tales; creatures of science and fantasy, all for your enjoyment.

    Link: http://legion-bhm.com/already-among-us/

    Title: The Ursa Major Awards Anthology; A Tenth Anniversary Celebration

    Publisher: FurPlanet Productions

    Length: x + 339 pages

    Rating: R for Kyell Gold’s stories; G for the others

    Blurb: Since 2001, the Ursa Major Awards have been awarded every year to the best writers, artists, and creators of anthropomorphic media. Voted on by the community at large, they honor the best in every field of artistic endeavor. This anthology is a celebration of the first ten years of anthropomorphic short fiction, collecting both winners and nominees from across the years to provide readers with a sample of the best authors the furry community has to offer.

    Link: http://furplanet.com/shop/item.aspx?itemid=573

  12. Carmen Welsh says:

    “Su Ling”
    Publisher: Anthropomorphic Dreams Publishing
    AD 044 – Su Ling
    Length: Short story
    Rating: General, Slice of Life
    Blurb: “Su Ling is a prankster.” On that note, this is a fabulist story about a young Si’amese girl who loves to play tricks on others. When her brothers are set to be married by the local match makers, Su Ling plays a prank that brings some unexpected results.

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