The 2014 Cóyotl Awards ceremony was held last Thursday, September 24th, at Rainfurrest. It immediately followed one of the best-attended Furry Writers’ Guild meetings so far, so we had a good crowd — more people than chairs!

Mooster-of-Ceremonies and Award Plushies 2014

The ceremony was kicked off by our Mooster-of-Ceremonies Daniel Lowd with an original song. For those who weren’t lucky enough to hear this song in person — or who wish to hear it again — here’s the video.

We had quite a few of this year’s nominees in attendance, as well as several nominees and winners from previous years. In particular, Tarl Hoch and Renee Carter Hall were able to receive their awards in person:

Tarl Hoch receivse award for Best Anthology 2014

Renee Carter Hall receives award for Best Novella 2014

Here’s a complete list of the evening’s winners and nominees — the winning titles are listed first and in bold.

Best Novel

  • Off the Beaten Path by Rukis
  • The Bees by Laline Paull
  • Bête by Adam Roberts

Best Novella

  • Huntress by Renee Carter Hall
  • Going Concerns by Watts Martin
  • The Mysterious Affair of Giles by Kyell Gold

Best Short Story

  • Jackalope Wives by Ursula Vernon
  • Cold Scent by Alice Dryden
  • Pavlov’s House by Malcolm Cross

Best Anthology

  • Abandoned Places edited by Tarl Hoch
  • Tales from the Guild: Music to Your Ears edited by AnthroAquatic

It was a wonderful evening, and we’re all looking forward to another wonderful year of furry fiction ahead of us!


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