The nominations have been tabulated, and the final ballot compiled!  Here are the nominees for the 2017 Cóyotl Awards:

Nominees for Best Novel

  • Always Gray in Winter – Mark J. Engels
  • Kismet – Watts Martin
  • reWritten – Jako Malan
  • The Tower and the Fox – Tim Susman

Nominees for Best Novella

  • Dragon Fried Cheese – Madison Keller
  • The Earth Tigers – Frances Pauli
  • Jazz at the End of the Night – Weasel
  • The Pride of Parahumans – Joel Kreissman
  • Sinful Behavior – Rukis

Nominees for Best Short Story

  • “Behesht” – Dwale
  • “Clicking” – Ianus J. Wolf
  • “Hollow” – Chris “Sparf” Williams
  • “The Moon Fox” – Amy Fontaine
  • “The Ouroboros Plate” – Slip Wolf
  • “Personal History” – Tim Susman
  • “Richard Cory” – Tristan Black Wolf

Nominees for Best Anthology

  • Arcana – Madison Scott-Clary (editor)
  • Bleak Horizons – Tarl Hoch (editor)
  • Symbol of a Nation – Fred Patten (editor)

Voting is open to members of the Furry Writers’ Guild through Tuesday, May 15th at midnight Pacific Time.  The final winners will be announced on May 25th, at an elegant ceremony at Furlandia in Portland, OR.  We hope you’ll join us there!  If not, we have plans to stream the ceremony online.



One Response to Voting is Open for the 2017 Cóyotl Awards!

  1. Ryan T Campbell says:

    Hey, folks! If the nominees for best short story and best novella have locations where members can read their stuff online before voting could leave a note here letting folks know where, that could help!

    Love to read some of this stuff I’ve missed before voting!

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